Naftali Primor, Poetry

נפתלי פרימור, שירתי

משורר צעיר בליבו ששירתו התפתחה בגיל מאוחר. הרגישו מוזמנים להשתתף בחווית שירתי.

Tropical Storm on St. Cloude Avenue

Sound of jazz
dispersed from Sweet Lorraine's Club
Its band deeply immersed in the music
Conical bell aerophone of miles wide is on the move
An ocean in the sky makes them dark blue
Symphony of hurricane
Lips of a giant position itself above New Orleans
Then sucked the earth
But before it arose
It spilled all back
The woodwind stirred the sea waves with the city debris mud
Rivers of wind stroke the St. Cloude Avenue
Piano that was washed out of a jazz club
Floated along the streets
Suddenly the conductor imposed a pause
The piano stood still
And a homeless pianist is playing on it.

June 25, 2012