Naftali Primor, Poetry

נפתלי פרימור, שירתי

משורר צעיר בליבו ששירתו התפתחה בגיל מאוחר. הרגישו מוזמנים להשתתף בחווית שירתי.

Mongol Tuuli- epic poet

A stormy wind propelled out of the tuuli poet's throat
In front of me a herd of wild horses
The stone-floored hotel lobby in the city of Nethanya
Trembled as they galloped through the steppe
The dusty air and the yellow grass
Made them thirsty
They walked unto a clear mountain river
Three young warriors on horses
Hidden among the birch trees
Suddenly they moved in between the herd
Altan jumped out of his saddle
His comrades have seen a flying steppe eagle
Grasping the back of a wild stallion
The entire herd followed
As they entered the tribe's camp
Three white female doves greeted them
The one with a golden forehead settled
On Altan's shoulder
They turn to a beautiful maiden
He would be the great khan
The circle of poets
Were the canyon walls
A poet-shaman brought an echo from
Altai and Khangai*.

September 9, 2012

Dedicated to the Mongol poets that participated
in the 32rd World Congress of Poets, Israel-2012
*Picturesque regions in Mongolia