Naftali Primor, Poetry

נפתלי פרימור, שירתי

משורר צעיר בליבו ששירתו התפתחה בגיל מאוחר. הרגישו מוזמנים להשתתף בחווית שירתי.

Felucca Off the Nile River

A drifting felucca
Its sailors and the passengers
Were carless resting
Nile River in June
A backing heat
An unattended bow hit the eastern bank
Towards the Nubian Desert
Felucca's high lateen rig stretched to its limit
The western wind propelled the boat
Straight through the golden sand dunes
Leaving the river behind
A wide open sail pushed to the far away fields
A group of fellaheen* stood still
Some gave a quick look at the deck
And returned to cutting the grass
Nothing unusual for a noon time
Felucca passed over a fallen black granite obelisk
Its pieces scattered over a corn field
The boat kept swinging until it met
A river.

Naftali Primor
July 9, 2012
Egyptian peasants*