Naftali Primor, Poetry

נפתלי פרימור, שירתי

משורר צעיר בליבו ששירתו התפתחה בגיל מאוחר. הרגישו מוזמנים להשתתף בחווית שירתי.

Where ever I go
There is a corn
You have grown
Every place I go
Greets me
With the strawberries on show
In every corner around the Earth
A puffy tomato and a sweet and a hot pepper
Offer themselves to make my day
Those come out of
Americas Natives' Land
It makes me feel that the Redskin man
Takes his breath just next to you
But you're not here.
To snap your land and all of your treasures
The Redskin Man had to be flushed down
Far a way
As he tries to complain
His soul got sealed and stays this way.
My tears will not change the river's course
But my love to you
Is the course.