Naftali Primor, Poetry

נפתלי פרימור, שירתי

משורר צעיר בליבו ששירתו התפתחה בגיל מאוחר. הרגישו מוזמנים להשתתף בחווית שירתי.

On the remains of the virgin sand dunes I cry
Early dew scattered over the desert flowers is my tears
Was there fault in the unspoiled words of Jahiliyya?
Walking through the soft sand
Reminds me of my beloved wife all dressed in white silk
The wind from Rub-El-Khali erases
the footmarks of a running camel
The wrinkled tree bark
The black rock
The white Oryx
And the rain of pearls
Were a reflection of the unwritten wisdom
A time of no Jihad no sins and no books
An army of rulers arrived enforcing the One God Rules
Innocence vanished and restrictions replaced red wine
Yet Jahiliyya lingers in the open horizon
Free to come and go.

*Pre-Islamic poetry of the desert nomads of Arabia